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I sometime contribute to keynotes, roundtables, articles, interviews... Mostly collaborative thinking you could be interested in ?
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As I'm French and mostly working in France : I only speak about startups in France.

- For me, a startup is a company which has developped : or something new, or something better than existing.
- I consider a startup remains a startup as her market reach has more potential in front of her than already achieved.
- As soon as you consider your startup owning a certain percentage of a market in front of competitors, then you're not a startup anymore.

I consider that we do have an incredible landscape of startup communities all around Europe, and that you can't consider the European startup community as a whole body. As cultures and populations are really different from one country to another in Europe, it means : scaling up in Europe is a country by country process.

I know a lot about B2B startups or even 'Startups that have products dedicated to enterprises' and I'm working on ways for startups and enterprises to collaborate together successfully.

With that in mind, I'm working on the corporate side in order to help large companies work with startups. This is mostly what I speak about during keynotes, with a lot of examples and experiences.

I'm convinced that large companies MUST collaborate with startups to evolve and transform. To achieve this, there is much more to do on the corporate side than on the startup side...

I will speak about 'How to scale a startup?' in the upcoming event :

The Wharton Alumni Club uk
From Lab to Collab : Entrepreneurship in DeepTech and AI
📆 Feb 18, 2021 📍 Online
🔒 invite only

Speaking is great, but I prefer to ACT!
That's why I'm available for AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) on my dedicated Telegram in order to help you dive into startup collaboration within your organization.

I can advise your organization :
- How to collaborate with startups ?
- What value proposal can we create for startups inside our company ?
- Do's & Don'ts of a great collaboration between startups and our company ?
- What are we trying to achieve as a company working with startups ?

I also help for the setup of organizations dedicated to startup collaboration.
You just need to contact me

Some of my last Keynotes :
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